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Military Diet: Find Out If The 3-Day Plan Really Cause Rapid Weight Loss?

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Losing weight and body fat have been a recurring goal that many people wish to achieve at some moment. Eliminating fat and building muscle mass aren’t just cosmetic goals, but are also essential steps to improve our health. Dietary plans that are healthy to lose weight can assist in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol, and burning calories is an essential element of this process.

Weight loss will be a result of eating less than your body requires. Simply say, eat less and move more. This means that your body will use stored body fat to create energy (as in contrast to the food you consume.)

However, some of us require an extra push in our diets. A massive reduction in weight can give us the boost and the motivation we require. Here’s a 3-day military diet to aid you in losing 10 pounds! (This diet is designed for women, however men are advised to include 100 calories per day in the form protein.)

It is important to note that this diet could (or could be able to) actually be employed by military personnel. But it is effective! It’s not because of fancy food items that reduce fat, but due to the reduction in calories. (Hint that ice cream is a part of the diet…but with moderation!)

Breakfast is among the most important food choices of the day because it gives you the energy you need early to get up, and will boost your metabolism. As your first meal of this three-day military diet, you could have half a grapefruit, a slice of toast (preferably whole wheat or multigrain) as well as two tablespoons of peanut butter.

If you suffer from an allergy to peanuts you can substitute for almond butter or soy butter, sunflower seed butter, hummus pumpkin butter or bean dip. A breakfast meal isn’t complete without a cup of caffeinated tea or black coffee.

It is important to note that you can’t add any sugar or cream, milk or sweeteners in your tea or coffee. These drinks aren’t required to your diet since you can replace the water with any quantity. However, green tea and coffee both possess properties that are thermogenic (burns more calories) and black coffee may reduce your appetite.

The following meal (lunch) is comprised of half an ounce of tuna, a slice of toast (but no peanut butter this time) and black coffee, water or tea. If you want to spice your food, use alternatives like garlic salt honey mustard, pepper, and any other low-calorie or no-calorie spice.

To eat dinner, consume 3 ounces of any kind of meat as well as one cup of green beans, half of a apple, one small banana and a cup of vanilla Ice cream. As you can see that there’s not a great deal of food items in this diet plan, and that’s because reducing calories is what leads to weight loss. If you’re looking to shed the weight, you need to reduce calories!

The next day’s breakfast needs to comprise one slice of multi-grain bread or whole wheat toast and one egg and half one banana. This diet should last for three days and then you can take four days off. Repeat the process until are able to achieve the results you want. The four days off does not mean you have the right to eating and consume yourself to death. The aim should remain to eat 1500 calories or less.

For lunch, you’re allowed to consume one cup of cottage cheese (or you can substitute it with a piece of cheddar cheese) and 1 hard-boiled egg, five saltine crackers. Due to the small amount of food consumed on this diet, it’s not recommended to workout in a gruelling manner during these times. Instead, take an easy 30-minute walk every day.

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The dinner menu is ready! You can enjoy two hot dogs (minus buns) 1 cup of broccoli half a cup carrots half a banana and half a cup vanilla Ice cream. The diet requires vanilla ice cream as the only option (why? I’m not sure) However, you can substitute the ice cream (who would ever think of this?) by using one cup apple juice, or one cup strawberry, vanilla or almond milk that is banana-flavored.

The vegetables in this diet need to be cooked or baked, then boiled or consumed raw. Meat is best grilled or baked or baked. If you’re vegetarian, you can replace the protein sources with tofu beans, lentils, or portobello mushrooms.

The day three and the final has come! You’re getting close Don’t give up! For breakfast, you need to have five saltine crackers, one piece of cheddar cheese and a small apple. Saltine crackers are able to be substituted by rice cakes (one for one) and cheddar cheese could be substituted with ham, eggs or cabbage. You can also substitute soy cheese. Don’t forget to drink caffeinated or black coffee!

This lunch is likely to be a little small however, there’s a slice of whole bread, or multi-grain, as well as one egg that has been hardboiled. You can swap the egg with 1 cup of milk or two bacon slices or a chicken wings. As you’ll probably see from the first day to day 3 you will notice a slow, gradual reduction in calories (hence the rapid weight loss.)

For the final meal of day 3 you can consume one cup of tuna, half of a banana and one cup vanilla Ice cream. Remember, there is no eating out during this diet. You must consume these food items and only these food items. You can swap the foods around, for instance, you could take breakfast for dinner or vice versa however you are not allowed to add additional food items!

Alcohol is not permitted during this diet (even even though alcohol is a macronutrient, but it has no nutritional value) and even during your four days of rest you should not drink alcohol, specifically alcohol or fruity drinks (it’s empty calories!) If you have to drink, then just one glass of wine will be allowed.

Remember that weight loss and fat loss are two distinct things. Losing 10 pounds in 3 days doesn’t mean 10 pounds of fat. The loss in calories (and salt too) will help you lose some weight in water, a bit of abdominal mass (poop) and a little fat, too.

If you think this diet is right for you consider giving it a try! Make sure to consult an expert before stepping into a diet that is so strict.

Is The Military Diet Healthy?

If you believe that the three-day military diet is too amazing to be real Dietitians may be able to be inclined to agree with you. This diet regimen is not balanced and repeating the cycle repeatedly can lead to possible nutritional deficiencies and health concerns. The aim of the military diet is a dramatic reduction in calories over short intervals of time. The results of studies have established the connection between diets that promise impressive results and the development of disordered eating habits and a negative relationship with food.

Additionally the military diet includes frequent consumption of processed foods like hot dogs, crackers, as well as ice cream. These food items are bad for metabolism, and can place you at a greater risk of developing chronic diseases. A healthy dietary regimen should emphasize healthy, unprocessed foods instead.

While the low-calorie diet in the military diet can result in frequent hunger, this diet is fairly simple to adhere to due to the short time frame. However the military diet encourages short-term results, not positive changes in habits. Therefore, once you return to your regular eating routine you’re likely to gain weight you lost.

The military diet could cause certain safety issues. It’s not viable in the long run and doesn’t offer long-term lifestyle modifications. If you are looking for long-lasting weight loss and changes to your diet, we suggest setting achievable goals and opt for healthy, sustainable diets instead of relying on quick diets such as the three-day military diet. Lifestyle changes that last a long time are crucial for long-term weight loss and the prevention of a possible weight gain.

Can You Really Lose 10 Pounds In 3 Days On The Military Diet?

The main reason behind the popularity of the military diet is in its bold claim to help you shed about 10 pounds within a week. But it is important to remember that each body reacts differently to this diet and, in the majority of cases the claims are not realistic. It is possible to lose weight within a week, however not everyone will experience similar results.

The majority of weight loss associated with this plan of diet is correlated to the depletion of liquids and water. According to a study from 2015 that was published by NCBI diets that entail strict calorie restriction result in an increase in glycogen stores which are our body’s primary source of energy.

Consuming enough calories permits the easy accumulation of fluids because each gram of glycogen has approximately three grams of water. So, when a diet program depletes glycogen storage, the body eliminates the water stored. This change in the balance of water that causes weight loss. When you get back to your normal diet and cease these activities your body replenishes its glycogen stores and you’ll be able to regain the same weight.

In essence the long-term weight loss process and management is comprised of two phases that are losing weight and keeping your weight goal. The healthiest dietary practices aim for an ideal weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week, which will result in burning off fat instead of the loss of muscle mass or liquid.

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